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The ceramic sculptures portray different situations with me facing ”Unexpected Expectations”. Through my lens of reflection, I am visualizing situations that have come from the norms and values from the Swedish welfare society where respect, fraternity and cooperation formed the solid base. I want to highlight my sculptures by using colours and patterns that reflect and symbolize a belief in life and the future. 

Childhood memories embody some of my work. The desire to draw a perfect rose for my teacher, but being unable to do so is portrayed in another of my figures. The contrasting views, the teacher´s perspective and the innocence of an intimidated child are examples of trying to get my audience involved in the narration of the sculpture. 
Other sculptures are created by the inspiration of the young woman who believed only the stars were the limit. It’s a young career woman looking for new adventures in life! 
I also reflect on the couple that is looking back and into the future. No fear. A divorce is not regarded as a failure in life. 
2014 marks a turbulent migration into and within Europe. The sculpture reflects my and others’ inability to communicate and adapt to new norms and values. I am hesitant how to act and react. ”No one should be begging in the street. Does it help if I give money?”

The Pope’s visit to the US in the fall of 2015 was an eye-opener for my Lutheran thinking . In spite of all, he radiated a wonderful sense of humour. Driving up to the White House with his Fiat! The ”Madonna” in me liked that! I think my creativity is sparked by the unexpected.

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